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Jacob is one of the main characters is The Creatures of Supernatural. He is the main protagonist of the Supernatural Tournament Arc.
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Sky Treewinds







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Student Aspiring Author



Jacob was born in Twig Town with his mom and dad. Revealed by flashbacks, Jacob, like others went to The School of Supernaturals at a very young age. Eventually, he received Max as a gift. He met Ryan, Rose, Nicole, Kiyann, and Izzy by untold stories.

He met Thomas after he was being bullied by Kayne. Jacob had protected Thomas from Kayne.

The Original

Jacob began to write in a diary, documenting some of his stories. Thomas(Ghost) was known to sneak up Jacob, like many of his other friends. Izzy and Jacob walked in the woods and so much more.

Supernatural Tournament Arc

Dark World Arc

The Mystery of the Supernatural

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Jacob has brown hair and brown eyes. He wears a pair of glasses at all times. His main outfit is a tank top and shorts made out of leaves. He usually wears a star necklace and twig bracelets. His wings are blue with star patterns on them. He is almost always barefooted. He also is lightly tanned.

In his bat fairy form, he has red eyes but the same brown hair. He wears a leather version of his leaf clothing and his bracelets are also leather. His wings are black and bat like. His star necklace and glasses remain the same. His tan is darker.


Jacob is cheerful and always willing to help others. He is known for giving good advice and helping with problems. He is outgoing and also open to make new friends. While he may be cheerful almost always, he has had some terrible experiences.


See article: Jacob's relationships


Major Appearance

The Original

  • The Full Moon(debut)
  • Relationships Between Supernaturals
  • The Walk in the Woods
  • Supernatural Love
  • The Werewolf

Supernatural Tournament Arc

  • Capture the Flag(arc debut)
  • Magic Tutor
  • Musical Adventure
  • A Supernatural Holiday
  • The Ghost
  • Jacob's First Supernatural Tournament
  • Bat Fairy Origins(Narrator)
  • Rose's Troubles
  • A Full Moon Ceremony
  • A Disharmonious Discovery
  • The Sleepover Before the Tournament
  • The First Round
  • The Second Round
  • The Third Round
  • The Fourth Round
  • The Fifth Round

Dark World Arc

  • A Memory Hell(corrupted shadow)
  • I'm Coming [Pt.2]

Minor Appearances

Supernatural Tournament Arc

  • Joey's Date(mentioned)
  • The Day of Disharmony

Dark World Arc

  • An Anniversary(mentioned)
  • The New Tutor(mentioned)
  • The Jeff Love Triangle(mentioned)
  • The Dark World(mentioned)
  • Nicole's Turn(mentioned)


  • Like other characters, he is never given an official age.
  • In early designs, Jacob has no twig bracelets or star necklaces.


See? I did sleep!

Truthful Sky, The Third Round

Well, I don't know who wouldn't, but maybe you and Joey shouldn't turn everything into a competition.

Sky, Capture the Flag

Well, I guess it's time to get comfortable.

Sky, The Sleepover Before the Tournament
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