"You have an expiration date and it's now!"

This page/section contains major spoilers! You should read the books before you check out this page!

The Other World is a book series created by Jacob Mucho. So far, two regular books have been made and one spin-off book.

Development Edit

Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit

Supporting Characters Edit

Antagonists Edit

Recurring Edit

One-offs Edit

Minor Characters Edit

Planned\Upcoming Characters Edit

Non-canon Characters Edit

Locations Edit

Story Arcs Edit

Story Arcs Original Dates No. of Chapters
The Original(Arc 0) Feburary 3rd, 2016 March 30th, 2016 6(actually) 7(cut)
Supernatural Tournament Arc(Arc 1) November 11th, 2016 February 5th, 2017 18(actually) 1(cut)
Dark World Arc(Arc 2) February 17, 2017 Present 20(planned)

Trivia Edit

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