The Other World: The Original is the first book released about The Other World. It was formerly known as 'The Supernaturals'. Not every character from the current book has been created yet. The link is here:


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  • This book has 7 cut chapters, 3 cut characters, and 1 cut location.
    • So far, the cut chapters and 2 of the cut characters haven't been repurposed. But, the cut location and one of the cut characters has appeared in the next book.
    • The cut chapters aren't likely to return.
  • So far, Jacob's Pocket Dimension and The Woods haven't been shown in the next book.
  • The two Werewolf Packs are one-off characters and not likely to return
  • There exists an introductory message in the book, titled 'What are Supernaturals'. It is still available to read.