"You have an expiration date and it's now!"

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Thomas is a main character in The Other World. He is the third main character to be introduced.


Thomas is a wolfin with long-medium brown hair and brown eyes. His ears and tail are a cream color. He wears either glasses or contacts. His normal outfit is a ripped t-shirt with a long sleeved undershirt. He wears ripped pants and he is barefooted.

In his "werewolfin" form, he is thoroughly covered in brown fur. His size is the same, but he has a snout and brown eyes. Overall, he looks like a normal werewolf.


Thomas is playful and mischievous, like most wolfins are. When the time comes for seriousness, he acts accordingly. Thomas dislikes being bullied and he will act to defend himself if he could.


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Major Appearances

Supernatural Tournament Arc

  • Magic Tutor(debut)
  • Musical Adventure
  • Jacob's First Supernatural Tournament
  • A Full Moon Ceremony
  • A Disharmonious Discovery
  • The Day of Disharmony
  • The Sleepover Before the Tournament
  • The First Round
  • The Second Round
  • The Fifth Round

Dark World Arc

  • An Anniversary
  • The New Tutor
  • The Jeff Love Triangle
  • A Memory Hell

Minor Appearances

Supernatural Tournament Arc

  • A Supernatural Holiday
  • The Third Round
  • Bat Fairy Origins


  • In most designs, Thomas is noticeably shorter than most characters. This likely because of his theoretical age.
  • He is the first main character to be introduced in The Other World, not the original.
  • Thomas has two versions of his main outfit.
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